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I have used at least three other reputable CPAs for my tax returns until I was audited in 2008 and was dumped with a $12,000 bill. That’s when a coworker referred me to Concept Financial Services. I could only wish I knew them sooner. Taxes are prepared so diligently that you do not only get ALL that you deserve in returns but you also have peace of mind that any tax prepared by Concept Financial will never be found to be owing IRS in the future. I know this because it happened to me. There’s a concept that if you are audited once by the IRS, you’re much more likely to be audited again in near future. Just two years after I started filing with Concept Financial, I got audited again and this time the IRS was asking for $1100. In no time, Concept Financial found the errors made by the IRS, It sent them a letter pointing out their error and within two weeks, the IRS sent another bill with $0 due. The IRS accountant failed to apologize but I was extremely happy that Concept Financial was able to save me from the bullies and saved me $1100 as well. I remain a loyal customer for life and highly recommend Concept Financial Services to all people I know and even those I don’t know.

Lekan A.